Cockroach bread might feed world’s population in the future
Jellyfish Chips
"Take one common jellyfish (Aurelia aurita), submerge it in 96 percent ethanol in a plastic box, stick it in the fridge for a few days, place on a baking sheet at room temperature to let the alcohol evaporate and, voila!, jellyfish chip."
[quote] I visit Prasowy with Polish journalist Pawel Pieniazek, who calls it a "hipster milk bar." The cashier ringing up customers has tattoos and pink-toned hair. The menu is written in multi-colored cursive on a black wall.
(...) Zoja Wygnanska, an 18-year-old high-school student, is eating dinner with two friends. She says she usually goes to "fancy restaurants that serve wine" but comes here when she's craving dumplings. "They cost less than what I usually pay for my coffee," she says.
I used Jane & Michael's 1983 book "Goodfood" as my guide for places to eat on my adventure road trip across the USA in the early 1980's. Good to see that they've gone modern with a website.
The 29th of the month has a plump surprise in store
¡Feliz Dia de Ñoquis!

A fashion site for food. Beautiful pictures and questionable recipes.


"It's not for's for eaters."

Background: I listened to this guy being interviewed on NPR and he's fascinating. He's theories about food and food engineering take a unique approach to food.


So you overdid it last night, and now you have a raging hangover. It happens. You probably have a favorite remedy, whether it's pinching a few Midol from your girlfriend's stash or chasing last night's binge with a bit of the hair of the dog.

But not every hangover is created equal, which is why we've put together this handy guide of foods to cure whatever kind of hangover is causing your suffering.


Order amazing food from all over the country. Or browse the categories dreaming of churros and cakes and churro cakes. Your choice.

While it would have been impossible/amazing to try every single new beer on the market in 2015 and tell you the best ones, we ultimately decided against doing it ourselves this year (you're welcome, mom). Instead, we spoke to brewmasters from across the country to find out their favorites. The only rules we gave them were that it had to be released in 2015, and that it couldn't be from their own brewery. Here's a look back at the best brews of 2015 from around the country.