Hollywood star Angelina Jolie wants to quit making movies - because she's bored of the filmmaking process.  
The brunette beauty, currently starring in Mr and Mrs Smith opposite Brad Pitt, is disillusioned after a number of reshoots delayed the release of the action comedy.  
And Jolie would rather devote her time to travelling, spending time with her adopted four-year-old son Maddox, and pursuing her work as an ambassador for the UN.  
This may not be her intent, but quitting at her height is a great, great idea. It worked for Bettie Paige, and it will certainly work for her. Good going Jolie!
it's been downhill since...
deathburger: 100% agreeification.
cornpone: s/agreeification/agreeamafied
cornpone: not that i agree.
cornpone: what?
cornpone: fool.
lorddimwit: (sound of crickets)
deathburger: Darn. She's an okay actress and all, but alot of that is sexual hype to play her up. She aint that good looking.
thatmikeykid: agreed. wholeheartedly.
skypilot: would'nt kick her out of bed for eating crackers...  
actually come to think of it...in some circles I am a cracker!  
so ...same rule applies...
budfields: Huh? Deathburger, who replaced your corneas with Folger's crystals? ;)
deathburger: Part of it is that I don't find huge knockers particularly interesting. They're either stretched out and floppy or overinflated (fake), and neither one is terribly attractive.
dwharbin: She's one those people who can look stunning one moment and then turn around and look like no big deal the next, but she seems like she might actually be interesting in person.
beaglebot: I find Carrie Ann Moss that way. She can look outstanding or very plain and it seems to follow no pattern
Psychomike: It's one way to raise your rate.
Angelina's boobs
scilec: Is it just me or did Angelina Jolie's boobs grow by several letters after the movie "Hackers"? During the movie while Crash Override was having a geek fantasy with Angelina (AKA Acid Burn), her boobs were briefly visible and they weren't that big, unlike now.
reapre: I wouldn't know; I'm always hypnotized by her lips.
deathburger: Xenia Seeberg's are much more appealing. Jolie's just looks like she got kicked in the face.