Senator Arlen Specter, the Pennsylvania Republican and chief sponsor of a bill to expand federal financing for human embryonic stem cell research, issued a stark challenge to President Bush on Wednesday, saying he had enough votes in the Senate to override a presidential veto of the measure.  
"I don't like veto threats, and I don't like statements about overriding veto threats," Mr. Specter said, speaking at a news conference where the House backers of the measure presented him the legislation, which passed the House on Tuesday, topped with a red bow.  
"But if a veto threat is going to come from the White House, then the response from the Congress is to override the veto, if we can," Mr. Specter added. "Last year we had a letter signed by some 58 senators, and we had about 20 more in the wings. I think if it really comes down to a showdown, we will have enough in the United States Senate to override a veto."  
Courtesy of DemocraticUnderground
DV8 2XL: Corporate greed and the smell of potential profits vs. religious fundamentalism and the fear of burning in hell. Should be an interesting showdown.
defStef: This is the nature of the conflict within the Republicon Party. The old school Repubs sold their souls to the fundies to gain/retain power.