Fleetwood Mash
Posted by Den in entertainment 14 years ago
Fleetwood Mash is a "Mash-up" or "Virtual" band. New songs have been created using samples of the performances of these four amazing musicians.  
Mick Fleetwood may be the biggest name ever to release a royalty-free sample CD of his drumming and percussion.  
The great thing about this is that Mick Fleetwood IS actually playing drums on every track of Fleetwood Mash. So in essence he is in the band even though he does not know it. The other artists in Fleetwood Mash are also extremely talented and well known in the music industry, and they all released sample CDs of their musical artistry for sale for royalty-free use; and they too are all performing on every track of Fleetwood Mash.  
As more and more celebrated musical legends provide us desktop producers with access to their performances, the possibility for "Legal" creation and distribution of Mash-up/Virtual Supergroups' music is growing. I hope I can inspire others to push the envelope of what the definition of a "band" is. There is nothing binding us to these tired old concepts, and it's about time we blow them out of the water.  
Thanks for listening.  
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