United American Technologies, a "Christian-based phone carrier" based in Oklahoma, has a pretty good sales pitch. According to a story by John Avlon in today's New York Sun, the company describes itself as "the only carrier that is taking an active stand against same sex marriages and hardcore child pornography." Here, we pick up a taped telemarketing call after one potential customer asks if AT&T sponsors child pornography:  
Mr. Mirman: MCI has hardcore child pornography?  
United American Technologies: Yes, they are. They have a pedophile Web site for men who love boys. It's a MontrĂ©al based Web site....  
Mr. Mirman: And so MCI basically has a child pornography ring?  
United American Technologies: That's correct.  
Would be hysterical if it weren't so terrible. Oh hell... it's still hysterical. Title and link ripped from MeFi.
crataegus: I can't check Wonkette at work. Please tell me she's quoting an Onion article?
crataegus: Of friggin course...  
Blog entry with link to MP3 file of Eugene Mirman's conversation here  
They would be headquartered in SC...and up the road from the University of Spoiled Children at that.
PAgent: "United American Technologies is a nationwide filtered Internet service provider and long distance phone carrier. We recognize that the Internet is a very dangerous place for you and your family. Our filtering technology is state-of-the-art and unique. Our servers filter web browsing and email BEFORE it reaches your computer at home or work."  
"Our ISP headquarters are located in Columbia, South Carolina."
Follow up...
darkstar: ...link (repost-ish) with third phone call recording, here.  
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