A comprehensive list of phobias, sorted alphabetically, with descriptions.
I like it.
YepYep: I only wish the links on the page acutally led to something. Anything, really.
irreverence: Nhsdirectophobia - fear and loathing of slow computer terminal death  
This is my new messenger status for work.
irreverence: But um...does anyone know how to pronounce that?
Missed one
DonkaWechico: Triskadakaclaustrohermaphrobihomohemopyrobestialnecropheliaphobia: the fear of being a hermaphrodite and having sex with more than one dead flaming bloody hermaphrodite animals in thirteen small water filled rooms.  
An old favorite of mine.
Mac: Best...phobia name...ever!
What's the word for a fear of people who think that really long words are cool and make you sound like a frickin genius when you use them? I may have a touch of that one.
deathburger: Crackatitis? ;)