Meet Vince. Vince has an amazing power. Vince is a dog who's taken the act of territory-marking to a new acrobatic level. Btw, he's up for adoption.  
My girlfriend found this while looking on a pet adoption page. Hi-fuckin-larious!!!! Opens to MPG. Starts around 0:34 seconds.
ultrafastx: Pandas do the same thing to scent mark. The thinking is, the higher you can place your scent, the bigger (and tougher) you must be.  
owl: uhuh. that panda just robbed a gas station, that's all i can tell from the pic
ultrafastx: And he's coming after YOU next!
ultrafastx: You do realize that Panda is upside down, right wol?
owl: i heard he robbed the gas station upside down too.
The Exile: My small dog goes to great effort to pee as high as he can. He sort of does a three-legged handstand that looks pretty comical, sometimes bracing himself against the wall/tree to really stretch, but not as spectacular as this.