The Troggs Tapes
Posted by humandoing in entertainment 14 years ago
'The Troggs Tapes' is an infamous compilation of studio chat said to have inspired the Spinal Tap rockumentary. The British pop band, led by millionaire crop-circle enthusiast Reg Presley and famous for Wild Thing and Love Is All Around, became the subject of cult fame with The Troggs Tapes. These recordings, available on bootleg, were made during a session and display, according to The Penguin Encyclopaedia of Popular Music, "instrumental incompetence, mutual recrimination and much foul language". They inspired the sequence in which Tufnel and St Hubbins have their row in the Rainbow Trout Recording Studio.  
FuzzyDave: I have been looking for this recording for YEARS!!!  
thank you.
FuzzyDave: again. thanks.
FuzzyDave: you rock.
FuzzyDave: have some more points.
FuzzyDave: dubba dubba dubba cha
humandoing: Jeez Fuzzdave i didn't think anyone over there had heard of the tape really. i bow to your encylopedic knowledge of musicolyga umm whatsit.
FuzzyDave: i had a copy on vinyl many many years ago, but i lost custody when i broke up with an old GF.
Den: Good work humandoing!
LinusMines: Sweet!
blackvelvetjesus: You post the best stuff.  
/me goes back to looking at porn.