Bored with stamp collecting or baking cookies for diversion?  
Perhaps you need something a bit more exciting?  
*This site goes into the psyche and all the DOs and DONTs required to be a successful freedom fighter and/or guerrilla.*  
if you're country is occupied by invaders or a brutal/sectarian regime, guerrilla warfare may just be the thrill your seeking.  
after all, oppression is a big NO NO and is NEVER in fashion.  
save your nation and wear smart-looking camouflage gear to boot!  
What more can you ask for?  
its actually a very serious and informed link and no i am not encouraging people to go out and act on the info.  
angel21: I'm waiting for the pink uniforms to come out.  
Til then, I am on standby.
mynameiseamon: It's sad but sometimes the people have no other means to protect themselves from dictators and such than to fight as an army. Reason doesn't alwsays work.