Ken Barrett for years admitted publicly and openly to the famous murder of lawyer Pat Finucane. So, why is he only now on trial? Because of trustworthy sources whom admit that British intelligence forces helped along in the murder.  
Ex-CID sergeant Johnston Brown said he was present in a car when Barrett made the claim during a conversation being taped by RUC Special Branch.  
Brian Nelson, the British military intelligence agent who also served as chief intelligence officer of the UDA,( an illegal paramilitary organisation), alleged after his conviction on other charges that he had directly assisted in the targeting of Pat Finucane.  
According to the journal written by Nelson, and was quoted on it during the BBC Panorama programme on June 1992.  
Barrett even admitted on the same BBC programme that he himself murdered Pat Finucane.  
The British forces were involved in the encouragement and assistance of Finucane's murder as many people suspected and now see it in admitted truth. This is why cover ups for years has taken so long for Barrett to be put to trial. Who wants some guy on trial saying the army forces and affiliated police forces assisted him? Would look very bad, wouldn't it?  
Now, it all comes out.  
The Finucane family have been campaigning for the truth for years to solve the so called "mystery" of the Finucane murder.They've agonised over it.
ian: I read about this in the papers yesterday.  
It's about time! I am in shock how bad the RUC and Army look for all this and disappointed how somehow the U.K. officials will quickly draw attention away from the issue.