The mything links
Posted by TheNATTeam in the good ol' days 14 years ago
stunning artwork covers this site.  
all about the many myths and legends that have drawn so many of us in to contemplate their wonder or to scientifically give them some validity.  
its amazing how these myths effect reality today.  
"It is no accident that Europe was named for a strong, but trusting young woman who was raped by the Greek god Zeus. This suggests that the archetype of female-negation is ingrained at the very deepest levels of Eurocentric culture. In many places, whether by Zeus, clergy, politicians, or mates, the 'divinely sanctioned' oppression of women continues largely unabated."  
there are SEVERAL grand links not only of mythology but of archaelogy etc, many of which are also with lovely artwork.  
Paleolithic to Bronze Age Europe  
Eastern & Western European  
Earth-Based Ways (Wicca)  
European Colonialism: Individuation, Seeing-through, and Liberation: Depth Psychology and Colonialism  
and much much more are linked boldly on this site.  
a feast of knowledge.
angel21: You would have to put in a line about the oppression of women in your description.  
I'm a sucker for that.  
You go girl! I mean woman! Hee hee.
Mything Winks
DaKenner: Mything Winks by Elmer Fudd was almoset a better site. Huh-huh-huh-huh.