"In order to 'sin to drive out sin,' Rasputin,the debauched, lecherous peasant adopted the robes of a monk, developed his own self-gratifying doctrines, traveled the country as a "staretz" and sinned to his heart's content."  
"Drunkenness, stealing and womanizing were activities particularly enjoyed by the dissolute young man. Rasputin in fact was a man with a debauched, and endless, sexual appetite.  
Rasputin was a close advisor the the  
tsar of Russia during WWI.  
**he eerily seemed indestructable as assasination attempts were made on him.****  
This is the personal account of his most difficult to accomplish death as witnessed by one of his assassins in their attempts to free  
Russia from "the vilest tyrant in her history"  
In other readings, Rasputin actually laughed aloud in recounting a tale in how he once purposely bit a woman's finger off.  
His death was frighteningly difficult to accomplish.  
Ah ahm RazzzPutin Look EEEnto mah ahs..
Ah ahm RazzzPutin Look EEEnto mah ahs..
truly disturbing
World War Two????
Rasputin was a close advisor the the  
tsar of Russia during WWII.
Perhaps it was Rasputins pickled "privates" sending subliminable messages during World War II????
DaKenner: Why on earth he had his eggs pickled,I will never know.
dragonmage: Advisor to the Tsar during WW II? Which alternate reality is that from?
ian: No, I think it was World War Eleven.
angel21: I must have missed that one. I do recall WW10 though.
TheNATTeam: emmm, i took out the extra one.  
ww2? i mustve had a 24 bout with nazi-itis that day.