Aleph Null 3.0

Aleph Null - a labour of love—is an online, interactive, generative art engine and a tool for creating images and animations that have a unique, can't-get-it-anywhere-else look. Watch some of the below videos to get a sense of the sorts of visuals Aleph Null produces. The writing below the videos contains video tutorials that will get your freak on using/playing with Aleph Null. Using it should be an explorative adventure. It's software as art. In VR, you navigate 3D spaces. In Aleph Null, you navigate innovative art creation and appreciation space. If you like the look of things you've never seen before, look on. It's important that there be ambitious works of net art that people around the world can access. Exciting interactive net art is one of the best things about the Internet. It boldly goes where no gink has gone. It carries the banners of imagination, innovation, activism, communication, international community, knowledge, art, beauty and truth. The Internet will be exciting only so long as it remains inspiring to artists—as an artistic medium. If that light goes out, the forces of dullness will have secured the entire thing as a department store, surveillance device and peep show. Aleph Null is for viewing and creating the dreams of art. As the philosopher Plato said about 2,400 years ago, art is a dream for awakened minds. Aleph Null is for the dreamers and creators of the world.

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