A tiny but illuminating controversy over collards.

This is a story about how tiny things come to divide us. Fittingly, it begins with a Tweet. Last week, Whole Foods Market sent [it] to its 4.81 million Twitter followers...

Normally, I wouldn’t dwell on what I learned about a Twitter controversy. But this one so perfectly captures one perversity of digital media that it’s worth exploring in full.

By Conor Friedersdorf.

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HatePup sez"Microagressive Race Baiting BS"
One star? Meh.
LinusMines: The article makes great points about reading comprehension, reactionary journalism and even kitchen wars.

Eat more collard greens.

>> Eat more collard greens.

Darwish: I live too far north for collards.
Dyskolos: Look Ma! I'm eating 'em right now!
glitch p-udding:

Great piece and a solid reminder that outrage is often magnified via the press rather than Twitter itself.