This musing on intraday trading may come off as a bit harsh and simplistic, but I think subconsciously maybe that is what I intended when I decided to pen this piece (initially as an email to a few traders friends). Here’s the premise for this piece: trading is “blue collar” work. If you want to succeed at this game, put on your hard hat, load up your tool-belt and be ready to work when you get to your computer station.  
Too many traders and wanna-be traders simply don’t understand this concept. There’s a grand misconception as to what the daily function looks like of an independent trader. Allow me to break it down for you – at least the way I see it. Your job as an independent trader is to watch, analyze, wait, continue to watch, continue to wait, and finally execute on the pattern(s) that you have learned to have a high probability of being successful on a consistent basis. Your job is to look for that reoccurring high probability pattern and decide whether to deploy your capital or stand-down. That is your job. You are not a macro-economist. You are not an equity analyst with a global hedge fund. You are an independent trader trying to grow your ball of equity, while managing risk.