It struck me one day, as I was searching, that even in the largest technical bookshops in some of the largest industrialized cities in the world, such as Tokyo or Singapore, we are hard-pressed to find an aisle for operations. Sure, there is no shortage of advice on strategy, but there is a very real dearth on the tactics that are needed to put the strategy into place. And, honestly, if we don’t know the tactics, then how on earth can we really know the strategy that goes with the tactics? Strategy and tactics are interrelated.  
I find this very strange, there is no shortage of advice on the thinking/talking part of business, but there is a very apparent shortage on the people and doing part of business. Nevertheless, the information does exist, it is pragmatic, and it is very successful. We just need to know where it is, and we just need to know how to make use of it.  
This website is about the Theory of Constraints – how to substantially improve an organization, any organization, by moving a group of people towards a common shared goal. It is an application-based view of Theory of Constraints. The intent is to make much of the available background and practice more readily accessible while presenting it within the broader context of other parts of the general management literature and also my personal experience.