Although Miley Cyrus always seems able to LOL at her supposed controversies, her father Billy Ray fears she could be on the same path of self-destruction as Kurt Cobain, Anna Nicole Smith, and Michael Jackson, telling GQ in a miserable, paranoia-laden interview (titled "Mr. Hannah Montana's Achy Breaky Heart") that he’s become “scared for her”—not least because he has “no doubt” that his family is being “attacked by Satan.” Because, you know, Cyrus has been called out for dressing slightly risqué and also for hitting a bong on YouTube. Curse you and your fine print, Lucifer! Is there no end to your trickery? etc.
LowFlyingMule: Satan hates hillbillies.
AB: It's true. I overheard him once when he thought he was alone. He was all like, "Dang, I sure do hate those hillbillies".