If you happen to receive a call from someone who says they're phoning on behalf of Organizing for America (OFA)—the successor group to Barack Obama's campaign machine—don't be surprised if he or she implores you to vote for tea party favorites like Sharron Angle, Christine O'Donnell, or Rand Paul, or merely lambasts health care reform. The caller won't actually be a member of Obama's 13-million strong legion of campaign supporters, but rather a tea party prankster who has access to your personal information, thanks to OFA's privacy-challenged get-out-the-vote (GOTV) campaign.  
Ahead of the midterms, OFA, which was folded into the Democratic National Committee following Obama's election, has created an online "virtual" phone bank ostensibly for use by Democratic volunteers. As of Monday, the web page provided the names of Democrats who voted in 2008 but who aren't always regular voters, plus their phone numbers, ages, locations, and party affiliations.  
Anyone can access the information without so much as logging in.
Push, Push
reapre: I'm 40% sure I got a call from an incompetent push poller last week. I can't wait until I get a genuine one on the line with me.