American Quran
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An ongoing project to hand-transcribe the entire Qur'an according to historic Islamic traditions  
and to illuminate the text with relevant scenes from contemporary American life. Five years in the making, the project has been inspired by a decade of extended travel in Islamic regions of the world and undertaken after extensive research.  
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The Elephant
Have you considered how God dealt with the Army of the Elephant?  
Did He not confound their stratagem and send against them flocks of birds which pelted them with clay stones, so that they became like the withered stalks of plants which cattle have devoured?
cornpone: Shame about the pics.
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Follow up

I just found this book for sale in my local feminist Muslim bookstore. The final edition is huge and gorgeous. The woman working at the bookstore pointed it out to me. She commented how difficult it would be to complete such a project in the Arab world, where they are a bit more conservative about artistic innovation with the Quran.

It was nice to see such a beautiful project complete irl.