This web site helps you evaluate your IQ.  
There are several IQ tests and a few aptitude tests.  
Try to take each test as a funny mind game !  
Take at least two IQ tests then compute the average IQ score.  
By definition, the average score is 100.  
There are 68% of the population with an IQ between 85 and 115.  
Persons with an IQ between 115 and 130 have a superior intelligence.  
People with IQ above 130 have a very superior intelligence.  
Statisticians quantify the scores with a number called "Standard Deviation" (SD).  
In usual IQ tests, SD is 15 points, it means that a person with an IQ of 145 is located 3 SD far away from the mean.  
Cattell tests use an SD of 24, hence IQ of 148 (+ 2 SD) in Cattell tests correspond to an IQ of 130 in Wechsler tests.  
Standard deviation help label correctly the different ranges of scores.