Last week, we brought you the Ultimate Online Guide to the vuvuzela, the instrument that has become more of a World Cup star than, um, whoever those actual soccer players are. We were a bit premature in using the word "Ultimate," though, as a slew of new vuvuzela memes, pics and news has come out around the World Cup story that will not die.  
What started in South Africa appears to have spread to the U.S. and England. Last week, the BBC announced that tennis fans were banned from bringing vuvuzelas to Wimbledon, while guards at Yankee Stadium confiscated one annoying fan's vuvuzela during a recent game. Locally, a South African woman ruptured her throat after partaking in a vuvuzela-blowing contest.  
from a german webpage: Video-Konzert: Brahms Und Ravel Auf Vuvuzela