So, after how many years of wasting time here, here is my one self-promotional link.  
This is the website for my honey business. You know, from bees.  
[cc: covered in bees]
j d ess: I'm jealous! This is one hobby/job that I would love to undertake.  
j d ess: And I love ducks, so if I could vote twice, I'd give you 20.  
Expect an order!
Darwish: Don't be too jealous. I got beat up yesterday. Two stings right under the nose, and then they really got to work. It was one of those days.
bozino: just for the use of the word terroir.
Darwish: Haha, I'm glad you liked that. I'm also going to be using the word 'vintage.'
thanks for the
spoon: link
Darwish: Bump for basswood honey, now available.