Videogame System Swansongs
Posted by XIV in fun & games 9 years ago
Death is important. No matter how you live, it's the last bit that defines your name for the rest of time. Undeniable proof: Elvis was one of the most sexually desired men in history, but you're picturing him dead on a toilet. Steve Irwin dedicated his life to crocodiles, but everyone thinks "manta ray." And despite an extraordinarily successful career based entirely on turning left, most people only heard of Dale Earnhardt when he tried turning right.  
In this article we'll chronicle the last games of history's consoles -- and we'll rate how true they are to their system's memory with our patented Console Emulation Factor scores. For example, a game about being nice to people on Xbox Live would score a Console Emulation Factor value of "Opposite Universe," while a PS3 game about spending hundreds of dollars and waiting years for it to be worth it would get "Accurate, if rather cliche at this stage."