You've probably heard by now that the House has passed the Democratic Party's version of healthcare reform legislation, thankfully including an amendment to specifically bar funding of abortion. You've also likely heard that one Republican voted for the Democrats' final version, HR 3962.  
It took no time at all for the cries of "Traitor!" and "RINO!" to emerge on my TweetDeck from the many patriots I follow on Twitter. These tweets emerged even before anyone had learned the name of the Republican responsible, Congressman Joseph Cao (pronounced "Gow") of Louisiana. It truly escaped me, personally, how any Republican could have voted for this legislation........until I heard the name "Joseph Cao". My own dismay then turned away from the heretofore unnamed Republican and toward those who were calling for his proverbial head. You see, I understand why he did it........and I respect him greatly for it.  
In order to understand why Cao voted for the bill, you have to know who Joseph Cao is and what his district is like. This story from USNEWS will provide some necessary background information. You can call for Joseph Cao's head all you like, but unless you live in his district, you cannot vote him out. Like it or not, Cao is from a liberal district........and he voted the way his constituents demanded. For this reason, my hat is off to him.
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FoolProof: for the pro-Palin banner. :D
FoolProof: Also, it's not like the reps didn't get ELECTED. It's entirely possible for a McCain/Palin voting district to elect a Democrat representative. If he thinks Joe Cao did the right thing by not lock-stepping but rather voting as his constituents would have him vote, how is it right that an entire voting district's population should be expected to lock-step in support of either a liberal or a conservative policy?
crataegus: It's not. Honestly, I won't be surprised to see people screaming for this guy's head, too.
FoolProof: Wait a minute. Who's head are we calling for these days?
crataegus: I call for head all the time, so I've lost track.
FoolProof: Did it work?
crataegus: No, but I do have it patented.
AB: lol
Dyskolos: Dear Mr AB,  
The law firm of Flywheel, Shyster, and Flywheel represents the interests of the patent holder, Mr. Cratageus, regarding his rights in the invention "A Method for Omnidirectional Broadcasting of Regularly Repeating Requests Related to Tasks Requiring Insufflation" (USPTO 5582187).  
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We would prefer to settle this matter amicably. We respectfully request your remittance of payment post haste, or we may have to get rough with you.  
Three Esquires and a bottle of Rye
AB: Ha!  
Your legal team is nothing without its bottle of Rye!  
Nowya dunnit! Flywheel's gotten into the corn squeezins and he's gone gookie!  
Prepare to feel the wrath of precedents cited! You'll be lucky if you have any hereditament after this is done!