Welcome to Yu Wan Mei
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“Fish Time Is Success Time”  
Yu Wan Mei Amalgamated Salvage Fisheries and Polymer Injection Group is dedicated to harvesting the ocean’s great aquatic bounty to bring residual fish and fish-related nourishment and substances to honorable consumers across the globe. Through research and care, Yu Wan Mei has developed expertise in a number of the latest fish-extraction techniques, pleasing all who consume its line of healthful, pleasing products. Laborers and machines work in harmony at Yu Wan Mei, ensuring unparalleled achievement in all possible arenas.  
This is why SATISFACTION is synonymous with YU WAN MEI.
RE: Fish Time Is Success Time
FoolProof: Thanks for fzcking off upon command.  
Fzck off.
Yu Wan Mei...
FoolProof: ...is the company the 'bought' The Onion.  
*wink wink*
bozino: and Free CreditReport.com  
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Schauspieler: and Mr. Yum Purveyor Of Large Seasonings  
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