Sometimes you hear on the news about weird medical conditions that actually cause more sex than normal. And when you hear about the poor dude whose condition caused him to have sex with 300 women you think, hell, how do I catch that shit?  
But these conditions are kind of like eating at Taco Bell. It may sound awesome in theory, but personal experience may leave you with internal bleeding.  
(As only Cracked can do it ... it does apply, I think, to theme day.)  
[fetish theme day]
AB: "...later died of complications from a perforated colon because, like mom always said, fsck a horse and you'll die from a perforated colon"
LowFlyingMule: Yeah, your mom did say that.
FoolProof: May she rest in peace.
AB: ;_;
FoolProof: Don't cry. Same thing happened to me own mum but it twer an elefint, it twere.
AB: Your mom is an elephant?
FoolProof: Sure. Whatever.
AB: Ta-toooOOoOooooot!
AB: That Dr. Carr Gomm is one sexy asshat.
FoolProof: Do tell.