Our universe is perfectly tailored for life. That may be the work of God or the result of our universe being one of many.
crataegus: Discover magazine should be ashamed.
lagbnaft: Did you read the article or has the title put you off?
XIV: tbh, the title is fairly misleading for those turned off by such things. they really only explore the subject for 2 paragraphs. any multiverse articles are a-ok by me!
lagbnaft: There can be many reasons why a magazine why might approach a subject such as this in the way it did (how ever limited in the manner it may be), just look at our last election here in the U.S. as one example. Not to say this has anything to do with the election, but to say the news is all about sensationalism. The more hype I (said newspaper, magazine, news show)... project to all remotely interested the more readership/veiwership I get. READ MY AD'S SO I GET MY REVENUE.  
It always pays to read the whole thing, then pass judgement.
aktaeon: The multiverse is dangerous. Transcription errors are the least of it. Marek is still back there, man. He chose to stay. Look what they did to that cat. The autopsy won't show anything. One of your employees just died, Bob.  
During meetings with his scientists, he'd sit in the corner, tipped precariously back in his chair, firing off questions.  
Shabbos, Donny, is the Jewish day of rest.
fabulon7: Exactly my point.