Posted by lagbnaft in gadgets 10 years ago
Atelier Yanagi - Los Angeles based product design firm focusing on sports equipment- has its unique design philosophy. Loving nature and surfing, Mr. Yanagisawa, the owner of Atelier Yanagi is now trying to invent 100% recyclable surfboard with performance and safety.  
Since its success in developing "Ugly-Fishbone", a PET&Balsa-wood structured hybrid "sustainable" surfboard, Atelier Yanagi has been secretively undertaking a unidentified project named "SSB" or "SLB", which infers next generation surfboard design. Mr. Yanagi has kept it secret what the code name "SSB" or "SLB" stand for, but a few close friend whisper that the first "S" may stand for "Sustainable". Atelier Yanagi’s secretive activities hopefully would be discovered through this website in a little way down the road.  
A clear surfboard.