Rasa Malaysia
Posted by lagbnaft in just add bacon 10 years ago
"Rasa" is a Malay word. Derived from Sanskrit, it means "taste." Rasa Malaysia is a culinary journey through Asia's rich, complex, and intoxicating gastronomic delights--a taste of all the flavors of Asia. Rasa Malaysia launched in July 2006 and has since expanded to general Asian recipes rather than just Malaysian cooking. You can find many Chinese and Southeast Asian recipes on Rasa Malaysia, for example: Thai and Vietnamese. Other ethnic recipes such as Japanese, Indian, and Indonesian recipes are also featured on Rasa Malaysia.  
Rasa Malaysia is my online playground: it's the channel I express my passion in Asian food and cooking, and the domain where I express my artistic creativity. It's also a place I document all precious recipes from my family's kitchen.
tsoup: Malaysian food is the best I've ever had.