From Radicals who care about the damage ACORN is doing to the movement for social justice.
hammer of truth: We're watching you, Rover.
rover77: I've suspected...anyway,Squirrels and acorns seem to go hand and hand
Save yourself Rover 77, before it's too late!!!!
hammer of truth: I'd look here if I were you, Rover. You've just hung a vacancy sign over your ass and this guy's foot is lookin' for a room.
FoolProof: THE HORROR!!!
LowFlyingMule: Them squirrels is good eatin' critters
clu: The ACORN thing is kinda a non-story.
It's meant to be more of a pretext than a story.
clu: Oh, I agree 100%. If the election is at all close, with Obama edging out McCain, then republicans will claim that Obama isn't a legitimate president for the next 4 years, because of voter fraud. At which point, all those people who claimed that questioning the President is unpatriotic for the past 8 years will now have a "legitimate" reason for questioning an Obama presidency.
More than that, Republicans are using this story as a rationalization for "purging" voter rolls, intimidating voters, and the sort of verbally abusive eligibility challenges at the polls we've seen over the past few election cycles. It's the story that gets told to explain why baseless voter fraud charges are being filed by Bush-appointed Federal attorneys in multiple states, and why Republicans feel the need to spend extra time and effort scrutinizing minority neighborhoods rather than Diebold security holes.
Did anyone read...
FoolProof: ...this, or did everyone just roll their eyes and skip this link as 'another one of those ACORN rants'? It makes an interesting point.
beaglebot: I read it.
me too.