Visit BWCA Via Video
Posted by crataegus in destinations 10 years ago
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Can't afford to go anywhere this summer? Visit scenic Northern MN in vodcast form!
The BWCACast is an IPTV (Internet TV) show or Video Podcast that brings you the viewer on a weekly trip into the Boundary Water Canoe Area.  
The primary focus is to show off the natural beauty of the area as well as provide occasional tips and tricks that we have learned camping over the years.  
Some of the tips we plan on showing are:  
* Packing for a trip  
* Packing Light  
* Camp Cooking  
* Leave No Trace  
* Gear Reviews
Sounds like...
FoolProof: ...a JHSDI helmetcam.
Horpy SpoonDigger: he he. I've been down the Nina Moose River. It's a great trip. It held true to it's name. Saw 3 moose on the trip. They like to stand in the middle of river and make you wait. :) Devils Cascade. Another great location. I have some pics of the cascade. Will have to share.
Confused about BWCA
Logotype702: Bi-sexual  
I got all excited first, now I am disappointed...
FoolProof: Nonononono. Not that kind of canoe.  
(I'm sorry.)