On August 15th a corporately-owned athlete by the name of Michael Phelps participated in a 100-meter Butterfly finals race at the 2008 Beijing Olympics. He was heavy favorite to win this race, despite losing the same race in qualifying session against someone who is, in an ignorant world we live in today, commonly refered to as "some guy", but who in the world of competitive swimming is actually the "big fish" by the name of Milorad Cavic. The world's media attention turned toward Phelps expecting him to tie Mark Spitz' 36-year-old record. But, as it turned out, Michael Phelps did not start this race as expected. At the 50-meter mark he was only 7th out of 8th participants. Milorad Cavic led the race from start to finish, including at the 50-meter mark. Toward the end of the race, it appeared that Phelps closed on Cavic's lead, but still could not manage to beat him. The eyes of all the spectators in the aquatic center in Beijing, as well as those millions around the world, clearly saw that Milorad Cavic has won the race. Televised replays from all the different angles, including the one from underwater cameras, clearly showed that Cavic was the fist one to touch the wall. Television replays also showed Michael Phelps' coach Bob Bowman disappointedly muttering: "He's got him."  
tin foil hats for all!
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