Site allows you to remove your name from mailing lists of members of the Direct Marketing Association. Remove your name from or add your name to individual DMA Member mailing lists.DMA's Mail Preference Service will allow you to receive more of the mail  
you want to receive and less of the mail you do not wish to receive. You may add your name to individual organization lists and remove your name from  
individual organization lists. Complete the form and we will send it along to our members, asking them to honor your preferences.  
webhead: I filled out the form yesterday as soon as I found this. Hopefully I'll start getting less junkmail soon.
Henry: In the UK this service is free  
Shreela: I would pay for a system that filters for my snail mail, with white and black lists. And a temporary expiring address for when I have to do business with a company a few times only. They could make a backend profit by selling my discarded mail to the recylcers.  
But this list removal will suffice for now, thanks!
webhead: It's free, in some parts of the site, it says you have to pay, but I don't think I did. They want your credit card number to verrify the address you give them. That's a good idea!! Sort of like filtering spam.