Should do this
Posted by webhead in the "other" pile 11 years ago
We all have ideas for making things better. Ideas to improve a product, a company, your city, or just about anything in the world. Should Do This is the  
best suggestion box for getting your ideas heard. Suggest improvements for the world around you, see what others are suggesting and join the dialog of  
thinkers and tinkerers. Let people know what you think would make just about anything, better. From the same people who developed 43things.  
RE: great
crataegus: And regurgitating pap you've been bookmarking on dozens of linkdump sites is a lot better...
webhead: Well, I hardly even use my delicious account, and I don't use other linkdump sites. I'm only on linkfilter, and as of yesterday, metafilter. I've had an account on should do this for about 3 months now.
crataegus: Unless you're creativeblister, that comment wasn't directed at you.
webhead: Well then, sorry for thread hijacking, and thanks for the xp!!
FoolProof: FLAME ON!!!