Posted by webhead in the wired 11 years ago
fav.or.it is our answer to the current separation of feed reading and commenting. We have built a web interface that lets you  
read all your favorite content and at the same time take part in an interactive community. fav.or.it is also a blogging platform letting  
you write your own blog posts and publish them out onto the internet. On top of this you can republish any content within fav.or.it  
to build up new and exciting mashups. Site allows you to filter posts by catigory, tag, rank or a combination of the 3.  
Shreela: Is this another site that's not open yet, but give us your email, and we'll contact you about it after you've forgotten we exist sites?
webhead: Oops! I didn't realize it at the time, but the site is in closed beta.