Bacon Cheese Baconburger
Posted by thatmikeykid in vices 11 years ago
Nearly a year has passed since I made the mistake of making Bacon Cereal. It was my most popular creation yet and even got me a radio interview with our friends in Canada. I'd like to say I've grown wiser and matured in those past months, but you wouldn't be reading this if I had. I struggled for months wondering how I could possibly top Bacon Cereal. It can't be done, I thought. Not possible. Then it finally hit me: A bacon burger. No, not a hamburger with bacon on it, but a burger whose base is ground bacon instead of ground beef. It's often been said that there's a fine line between genius and insanity. I think I've blurred that line this time around.
May God have mercy on this man's arteries
SpearmintFur: Through his sacrifice of his health, we are able to reach new heights in bacon-y goodness.  
Good link, Mikey.
jtown: Ow, my heart!
angeljball: merry christmas!