US Senator Larry Craig resigned tonight as Senate co-chairman for Mitt Romney's presidential campaign, within hours after news broke of Craig's guilty plea to disorderly conduct after an incident in a men's bathroom.  
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Even the Idaho GOP are bailing on Craig: "Sergeant Dave Karsnia’s report is absolutely damning in describing the Senator lurking outside Karsnia’s stall for two minutes, and began to follow a familiar pattern used by men 'seeking to engage in lewd conduct.'"  
(Not to be confused with Republican Florida State Rep. Bob Allen, who was arrested this summer for allegedly trying to pay an undercover cop to let Allen perform oral sex on him. Or with married Senator Bob Vitter (R-LA) who, it was revealed this summer, had been engaging the services of prostitutes.)
From CNN...
darkstar: ...a full description of what Craig is alleged to have done"  
"According to Roll Call, the arresting officer alleged that Craig lingered outside a rest room stall where the officer was sitting, then entered the stall next door and blocked the door with his luggage.  
According to the arrest report cited by Roll Call, Craig tapped his right foot, which the officer said he recognized "as a signal used by persons wishing to engage in lewd conduct."  
The report alleges Craig then touched the officer's foot with his foot and the senator "proceeded to swipe his hand under the stall divider several times," according to Roll Call.  
At that point, the officer said he put his police identification down by the floor so Craig could see it and informed the senator that he was under arrest, before any sexual contact took place."
Nsixqatsi: My god, what could possibly be turning all our republicans gay???
FoolProof: I'm beginning to think that there may be a gay majority in congress.
shigpit: Well if they are, they should think about changing the carpeting in the Rotunda. It's horrible!
FoolProof: It matches the drapes.
Just a thought....
Veezer: possible majority in Hollywood. Is Congress that much different?
CBS13's Chris Burrous and Jeff James...
crataegus: ...demonstrating what might have happened in that airport restroom.
clu: I'm actually starting to think that Sen. Craig might be innocent on this one. And that he pleaded guilty to the misdemeanor just to move past this as quickly as possible. Guess the world will never know for sure, unless one of them change their story.
lagbnaft: Although I don't know that we could ever be sure I too feel that in this particular case he should be given the benefit of the doubt. Listening to his interrogation tape I can't help but note what I think to be sincerity in his voice.
darkstar: Same here. It was occurring to me that the cop may well have taken a few innocuous signs by Craig and misinterpreted them because he was looking for that kind of behavior.  
And then Craig was so embarrassed and was willing to plead guilty and "just pay a fine" to make it all go away instead of going to trial. Because even if he were innocent, having it all go to trial would ruin his career, anyway.  
My gut instinct, from hearing his explanations and that tape, says Craig's not as clearly guilty as the officer says he was, or that his pleading guilty would otherwise indicate. Unfortunately, it's a situation where it's so damning that his career is shot now.  
It's interesting that only the Republicans are coming out to stick their knives in this guy's back.  
Vitter, on the other hand, who has admitted to breaking the law and using a prostitute, is receiving no calls for resignation whatsoever from fellow Republicans.  
I guess it underscores Republican's visceral hatred of homosexual behavior (vs heterosexual behavior). Unless it simply highlights the political calculation: Vitter's resignation would have a Democratic governor appoint his replacement, while Craig would be replaced by a Republican.  
Either way, it seems grossly hypocritical that Republicans are calling for Craig's resignation, but nary a peep about Vitter and his admission of criminal behavior while cheating on his wife.
I think the GOP reaction is really more about trying to get some distance between the latest scandal and their "values." Maybe they're learning something, at at least attempting to. In previous scandals, not coming right out with condemnation earned the party criticism. This time, the criticism is earning them criticism. Aside from internally cracking down on scandalous behavior (the last resort, nearly unthinkable), what's a party to do?
darkstar: It would hold more water for me if it were consistent. When they're silent on Vitter, who has admitted his guilt of a crime (and adultery), they can't really claim to be holding their own accountable or championing "family values". Crucifying Craig doesn't resolve that dissonance. It just adds to it.
I agree. If I understood it, I'd vote Republican.