When I hear other parents talk about kid's entertainment, they typically use terms worthy of a sudden drop through Dante's nine circles of hell. Comedians, commentators and chronicles of parenting, such as Neal Pollack's recent book Alternadad, describe the likes of Baby Einstein videos and the Wiggles as lesser demons, with Barney the Dinosaur occupying Satan's place at the center.  
The likes of Boohbah and Caillou grate on me as much as the next parent, but my perspective's a little different. As a pop-culture critic, I've always been interested in cartoons, puppetry and comic books, both the "mature" and kid-friendly versions. I'm sort of a volunteer on the front lines of children's media, rather than a draftee.
LinusMines: ...and I'm not even a parent.
SpearmintFur: Ditto.
Speaking of #3
SpearmintFur: At work, I saw they're release a direct-to-video movie with the Disney princesses called "Follow Your Dreams."  
Also, on the subject of kid's cartoons, I was flipping through the channels and I saw Dora on some special with her relative (cousin? brother? I'm so out of it, I don't know anymore) Diego. I noticed how disturbingly disproportionate her head is compared to a more realistic Diego.  
That's just what I think though.
FoolProof: Girls have giant head. Don't you know anything?