Chowders hold a special place in my heart. I associate them with growing up in a Southern California beach town and making abalone chowder with my father. Yet despite their cold-weather reputation, for me they're squarely rooted in summer. Now is the best time to combine seafood and summer vegetables - sweet corn, and lush ripe peppers, tomatoes and herbs - into a meal in a bowl. They're rich, comforting and easy to make, leaving plenty of time to spend on enjoying the season's leisure.  
bear: thanks lag I want to learn to make chowder and these sound good, I prefer the white ones to the tomato
lagbnaft: I do too, tomato chowder isn't for me.
Veezer: Game to try....
FoolProof: Aren't you scared? Their so-called 'chowders' are orange. That's just not right. Everybody knows it's supposed to be white.
Veezer: It's the spouse that has to be scared!