...the theme of today’s mix is Popcorn tunes, i.e. the James Brown and related “popcorn” cycle (which ran roughly from June to December of 1969) and a couple of related/directly influenced (or ripped off if you are in an unkind frame of mind) tracks from the same time period.  
Any soul/funk collector worth his/her salt is constantly coming across records that were either starting or capitalizing on a dance craze...The cool things about the Popcorn craze are these:  
-- The standard bearer of the “movement” was none other than the biggest soul star of the day, James Brown.  
-- Brown was not only personally prolific, but had a large and talented stable of stars via whom he proliferated his Popcorn product.  
-- Brown's huge popularity and success brought with [it] many musical opportunists, looking to get their own handful of Popcorn.  
-- Thanks to Brown’s success (and that fact that so many of these records were on King) it’s fairly easy to lay out a timeline...
Download as 60MB track-by-track zip file or 39MB mix.  
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