Since 1932, nestled on the U.S. and Canadian borders of North Dakota and Manitoba in a symbol of friendship, lies a "One of a Kind" International Peace Garden. Reflecting pools and dazzling colorful floral displays of over 150,000 flowers splash across the grounds of the Formal Garden's terraced walkways.  
The 14-bell chime echoes faintly, as the length of the formal garden area is viewed from the upper terrace. In the distance, the 120-foot concrete Peace Tower, and the Peace Chapel can be seen at the end of the formal garden. Tourists ponder the beauty of the two floral displays of the American and Canadian Flags, the only two floral designs that remain the same each year. Presented to the Garden by the Japanese Government, seven Peace Poles in which, "May Peace Prevail" is written in twenty-eight different languages. Steel girders transported from the New York World Trade Center lie at rest at the 911 Memorial. Several buildings accommodate; conventions, bus tours, weddings, receptions, reunions, and socials of all types. Campgrounds for campers and RV's are set among Aspen and Oak Trees.  
Hiking and auto tours, through verdant Turtle Mountain Forests and past the pristine waters of Lake Udall and Lake Storman, yields, as great a variety of birds, as found anywhere else in North America. Deer, moose, grouse, beaver and other game form a great marriage with the extensive variety of wild flowers, trees, and shrubs abundant in this, " Like No Other Place on Earth," Garden.  
Horpy SpoonDigger: I've Been to the peace Garden. It was a long time ago but it kind of reminded me of a glorified highway rest stop.
Horpy SpoonDigger: It sounds like it's come a long way since I've seen it.
Horpy SpoonDigger: Okay. I must say I feel cheated. Like I said before, it was a long time ago when I went to the peace garden, I was just a kid at the time. After looking at the map on the website I realized what happened. My parents literally stopped in the parking lot, we looked at the floral clocks next to the entrance and left. The map shows the place is pretty large and they even have summer camps there for kids. Of course it seemed like a reset stop, we never made past the main gate!!!
pdxpogo: We lived in Grand Forks and spent more time there. Seems to me the place was huge but then I was 10 or so at the time everything was large. We spent the whole day it was a cool trip.  
I remember seeing Route 66 from the inside of a 58 Buick Roadmaster that was the way we toured in the early 60's. I remember getting out at the Petrified Forest and nicking a large chunk of petrified wood..
Horpy SpoonDigger: LOL. We lived in Grand Forks too and I was about 10 when we stopped at the Peace Garden. Small world.