Charlie the Unicorn
Posted by thatmikeykid in fun & games 12 years ago
Purple Unicorn: Hey, Charlie… Hey Charlie wake up  
Pink Unicorn: Yeah Charlie, You silly sleepy head wake up!  
Charlie: Oh god you guys.This better be pretty freakin’ important. Is the meadow on fire?  
Purple Unicorn: No Charlie, We found a map to Candy Mountain. Candy Mountain Charlie.  
Pink Unicorn: Yeah Charlie! It will Be an adventure! We’re going on an adventure Charlie.  
Charlie: YEAH! Candy Mountain right…I’m just gunna you know… Go back to sleep now.  
Purple Unicorn: NOOOOOOOOOOO!! Charlie!!! you have to come with us to Candy Mountain  
Pink Unicorn: Yeah Charlie, Candy Mountain… It’s a land of sweets and joy! Come join us!  
Charlie: Please stop bouncing on me!  
Purple Unicorn: Candy Mountain Charlie!!  
Pink Unicorn: Yeah Candy Mountain  
Charlie: Alright Fine!! I’ll go with you to Candy Mountain!  
Possibly one of the most hilarious videos to ever circulate the intertubes.
LinusMines: 10...and good seeing you drop by!
pneum0nic: & another 10 for you, my friend
Wb, mikey!
SpearmintFur: There's this girl I knew from Cedar Point who posted this video like twice on her Facebook profile.  
pneum0nic: Is anyone else getting, like, covered in splinters? Seriously, guys, we shouldn't be on this thing...
Shreela: It felt a little like Kids in the Hall, but more warped.
Schauspieler: This is great  
Although the way they say Charlie makes me think of "So I Married an Axe Murderer"
/me is so going to hell
pneum0nic: I watched this with my son like 5 times yesterday.
SpearmintFur: Charlie the Unicorn 2.  
"We're scuba diving, Charlieeeeeeeeeeeee."
SpearmintFur: Charlie the Unicorn at YouTube Live.  
"Oh my God, if the Internet leaks into real life, everywhere you look fat guys will be falling over in slow motion, cats will be doing people things, RICK ASTLEY WILL MAKE A COMEBACK!"