Don't be too grossed out, but the University of Wisconsin Madison has put a whole series of high-quality videos of human dissection online. It's extremely cool, but not for the squeamish—there's more than just the sight of a cadaver getting hacked up, and the sound of a saw on bone or a chisel being used to peel up the cranium are, ummm, memorable. At least you're spared the odor and the textures.  
I'd almost forgotten how muscular gross anatomy is—it takes some heft and brute force to take apart a body.  
i could not bring myself to open even one of these videos... so why post? science is science, i guess...  
i suppose this is nsfw...
Mac: Great link! I can put this to immediate use!  
Oh crap, I've said too much.
leyman: hehe... funny, Dexter...
LinusMines: Uh-oh.  
PAgent: Now, now. Don't leave a job half-done:  
FoolProof: The right tool, indeed.  
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You needs
crustacean: a pig farm and a volcano lair