With all the controversy about "too thin" models what is being lost is that some of the hottest models working today are anything but waiflike.  
Like Doutzen Kroes who has the most fantastic lips in the biz today.
skinny: yes!
phlap: http://supermodels.nl/doutzenkroes/pictures/3  
click on these pages for your lip full babe and you will see that she is fairly skinny; at lest hardly buxom or full figured. Skinny mostly.
she's fine
No ribs showing!
DodgyKnees the Cynic: Yes, she's fine, she's a babe and she does have a very attractive pair of lips.  
However, in all of the photos I was able to see (unnecessarily tortuous menu system), her ribcage was actually covered by clothing.  
I suspect that if you saw her in the street, you'd have to classify her as "fine but skinny".