Paul Van Dyk was born in Eisenhuettenstadt in East Germany; an industrial city near the Polish border, originally known as Stalinstadt. His youth was spent in East Berlin, where Paul kept in touch with the world beyond the wall, by secretly listening to the popular but forbidden Western radio stations like RIAS or SFB or the occasional smuggled-in mixtapes copied from his school friends.  
Paul van Dyk has established himself as one of the most influential figures in the field of trance music over the last decade as both a DJ, and a producer. In his latest gigs, he is blurring the line between DJing and live performance engineering by utilizing two PowerBook laptops sporting Serato Scratch LIVE and Ableton Live software, enabling for a more full-featured club experience more akin to a concert than a standard night out at a dance club. On-the-fly remixes and compositions are just some of the capabilities of this new performance method.