It is a story that will shock you. It would probably make one hell of a film.  
Porno actor, gay porno actor, goes to a guy with connections in Hollywood about selling his life story. Has an incredible list of names of major actors, many named here at this link, he has been with. And one really major star.  
He has witnesses. Receipts. Letters. Everything.  
So the guy he tells this to goes to a private investigator- who is not only on the stars payroll- but the Enquirer too.  
And the con begins. The most thrilling mystery I've read in a long time, and it sure reads true.  
The most revealing look at the underbelly of a tabloid you will ever read.  
To quote
metreiya: It is well known in celebrity circles, that an accusation doesn't have to be true, to create a smear campaign. Pellicano cashed in on that concept. A Hollywood star can't afford even a whiff of scandal, because a tall tale can cause irreparable damage.  
It's all about the Money, honey.
To live in the schizophrenic world of trying to live up to a false image while hiding your real life is exactlty what opens someone up to extortion and the like. Deny nothing and eventually people give up trying to ruin you. Deny everything, you will fall.  
The guy had proof. Was believable. Then he was dropped and left out to dry. Facing court battles and Scientology.  
Meanwhile the investigator, the Enquirer writer and the porn guy started ripping each other off for the payoff money, and the investigator pocketed his fee from both the Enquirer and Scientology.  
As far as I'm concerned, the charges are still believable. In fact, this is the smoking gun.