The Secret
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This ground-breaking feature length movie presentation reveals The Great Secret of the universe. It has been passed throughout the ages, traveling through centuries... to reach you.  
This is The Secret to everything - the secret to unlimited joy, health, money, relationships, love, youth: everything you have ever wanted.  
Watch it on youtube in nine parts: The Secret  
Looks like
metreiya: Something that isn't popular here  
deathburger: Probably because it is, and I'm being kind, new age crapola. Google "The Celestine Prophecy" and find out what it really is.
metreiya: you didn't spend money on the tape?
I want to vomit
So visualisation exercises are now used to "pay off credit card debt"?  
Oh yeah that's what the ancient masters wanted.  
I sent this email to a friend in Scientology:  
"To me sex is like a jam session between musicians. I can do Wagner, Bach, Beethoven- ALL THE WAY.  
To the end. And beyond.  
The first time I had sex the girl told me I kissed like a girl and asked me why I went so long.  
I was crushed. Confused.  
Then she called me and asked me out again.  
I was stunned.  
I told her I was sorry. That it was my first time.  
She didn't believe me. (She was 7 years older than me, I was 12 and she was 19. But I had lied to her about my age).  
She said she was glad I didn't just stick my tongue down her throat. That it was a compliment when she said I kissed like a girl. And that she had never been with a guy who timed him rhythms to classical music and jazz. She said I was better than ok.  
I'm better than that now.  
Why do you think I'm asking you about the new Scientology experiment- where you can control gravity, smells and visions? Because I want to have sex in it! But like I said before, they are so middle class, I doubt they will advertise the obvious. This could be a great addition to sex!  
I am into sex magick. And my wand is strong!  
All roads lead to Rome/ home.  
What you call thetans, the ancient orders (OTO, Golden Dawn, Masons, Crowley - who taught Hubbard what he knew) call Aiwiss. As in EYEWASH.  
No one meant it literally.  
And we were here first.  
Everything should be free!  
If your boyfriend can put on a 4 1/2 hour Wagner opera and keep it interesting and control his sexuality, may the gods bless you. If not, maybe you should think about this email.  
Sex, work and play are the mainsprings of our lives. Any knowledge which excludes one or all of these, is false.  
But you are my friend, no matter what path you take.  
Because I also believe in free speech.  
metreiya: in that your attitudes do influence your perceptions and your timing and your accident proneness etc. etc.  
But there are other factors that come into the mix, such as accidents of birth.  
there was a news story a couple of decades ago where the refugess from Ida Amin's Uganda where tracked to see how they did in England.  
Most had arrived penniless. Amazingly, many if not most of the people who had been rich were rich again in a few years . Some of this had to do with knowledge and expertise, although the laws in the two countries were very different.  
But a good part was the attitude, the belief that if I was rich once, I can be rich again. Hard work was involved.  
They created their situation anew.  
Curious Note: even hubbard points out that in the spiritual universe, similar's attract, while in the physical universe, opposites attract. But he places far more importance on creative ability.  
metreiya: is only one aspect of creative ability. So is the orgasm. Hopefully you know this already.
I was forced to watch this video
librarianbarbie: by my girlfriend. There had to be two attempts becuase the first time we tried to watch it I yelled out "bullshit" within the first five minutes and had to get bitched at for a while.  
A few weeks later we had to go to her new age friends' house and all watch it together. I fell asleep halfway through but it was just a continuous repetition of "focus your thoughts, focus your thoughts" blah blah blah- every single solitary self-help book says the same crap.  
People who have the ability to focus don't need self-help books and people who read self-help books are never likely to develop that power, c'est la vie!