What is a Powered Paraglider?  
A Powered Paraglider is a Paraglider with a motor added, allowing launch from level ground. The motor can be a backpack style motor, with launch and landing on the pilot's feet, or on a "trike" or "cart". Paramotor is another name, but it's also a registered trademark of one U.S. manufacturer of powered paragliders.  
What's the difference between a Powered Paraglider and a Powered Parachute?  
PPG is a Powered Paraglider, as described above. Foot launched or wheel launched, it has a motor between 15-30 horsepower, and a high performance elliptical wing, the same as used for unpowered paragliding. Control is via hand operated "brakes" on the wing.  
PPC is Powered Parachute. These are much larger, usually with a much less efficient rectangular parachute (although elliptical wings are becoming more popular nowadays), always wheel launched, and 40-70 horsepower. Control is via foot operated steering bars which operate the wing brakes.  
One more thing: Parasailing is getting towed around the harbor behind a boat, usually in Acapulco after you've had one too many drinks (sometimes referred in PPG circles as "dope on a rope"). In this case you're a passenger on a thrill ride, not a pilot.  
Basically strap a big fan to your back, put on a parachute, and run into a strong wind.  
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