When one contemplates stupidity, Scientology immediately comes to mind. Ah, but then again, God and the various things He has supposedly written are ripe targets for a cynical generation of internet whores, raised on USENET and IRC. To them, life is one long extended dick joke (uh huhuh) and their philosophy can be found deep within the heart of the Internet's latest memes. They while away the hours watching Star Trek and debating the usability of Unix and the evils of Microsoft. This, then, is their wit and wisdom, the Encyclopedia Of Stupid, where you can read (and write) to your heart's content about databases, Star Wars and anything else that turns stupid people on.  
Looks like a big rant forum in Wikipedia style. I haven't read anything on it.
CrowleysGhost: Love this site, celebrating stupidity. And it links to even better stuff....