The 20th anniversary of the opening of Capones 'Vault'.  
Suck it Geraldo
Here's a ten, and the true story
Richard Crowe is a Chicago Ghosthunter and tour guide. He knows Chicago like the back of his hand, as well as gang sites and crime locations.  
When he first heard that the film crew was coming out to "find the vault" he laughed and sent copies of Chicago's little known underground areas.  
First you should know that much of Chicago is actually vaulted. From Lincoln and Fullerton to Michigan and Wacker the areas are actually above ground. In some cases there are roads below the main streets (Michigan and Wacker for example- Wacker even has a level of roads beneath the first level!)  
There was no secret vault. That was a vaulted sidewalk area. Capone sent money to the New York mob because he was mob- a fact to this day difficult for the media to admit. If he had hidden money from them, Frank Nitti would have taken over the families here much faster.  
And Capone would sleep with the fishes.  
So the producers get the maps, the description of what it actually is. Who knows if they even showed this to Geraldo.  
But they went ahead anyway. Leaving the myth of Capone not being Cosa Nostra, and the reality of vaulted sidewalks hidden.  
And the Producers knew before the dig started, what the truth was.